A better understanding

“Inspired By Gold Ropes”, is a double-entendre of a blog. One half of it, is based in something that I would like to call intellectual vanity. The vanity we see around us, it seems to be only surface deep, but there’s a deeper meaning behind materials wishes and I’ve gained a better understanding of that due to my life-long turbulent relationship with hip hop. The most vain objectives by people in our generation, whether it be social network stardom or name brands, are rooted in the desire for mobility, or to make an illusion of such. So, in part, this blog is dedicated to looking beneath the surface in the world of our generation. The “gold rope” is symbolic of the vanity, while the intellectuality is in the inspiration that it manifests.

I.B.G.R is also my own personal ode to hip hop. At the risk of sounding cliche, this artform played a religious role in my life and is embedded in every crevice of my being. It’s an ode to what was in the game, and whats to be of the game, as well as a display of my perspective regarding any-&-everything that I feel is worth developing an opinion on that affects the culture. The “gold rope”, in this aspect of my blog, represents the genesis of the golden-era hip hop, when something like a gold rope chain said so much more than just style, it spoke to the hunger of an individual. It’s more than music for me, it’s inspiration and this is my way of spreading the culture though my own eyes.

For some reading this, and feeling like the two descriptions of my blog are a little too scattered, you’re wrong. The vanity that I spoke of, which affects my generation so deeply, is a direct brain child of hip hop and so is the inspiration. The artform, has been the most dominant music form in my 25 years on the planet and has, for better or worse, bred the mindstate of a lot of the people of my time…


If you’re into the articles detailing music, head to “The Culture” tab, on the menu.

If you’re more into the introspective articles dealing with everyday life of people in our generation, head to the “That’s Life” tab

For sports related articles, hit “The Game” tab….


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