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A Conversation with an Instagram “vixen”

IG 1

In the era of “Love & Hip Hop”, being famous for nothing is at an all time high. Times are as shallow as ever, and it’s got women too heavily dependant on likes, looks and sponsors for a sense of self-worth. These likes and followers, don’t mean-a-motherfuckin’-thing, that silicone in your ass is bad for your health and that old guy with money is going to bounce on you when he finds a new PYT. The popularity and attention is cool I guess, if you’re into all that, but there’s a saying, “If you’re good at something, never do it for free”. With that said, if you’re good at grabbing attention and you have a growing support base, apply it in a business sense, it’ll go further.

ig 4

Hosting parties shouldn’t be a career plan.

But, unfortunately, in the mind-fuck-of-a world that we live in today, it’s considered as an option. There’s not an ounce of hate in my blood, I’d just like to see young women aspire to be more. There’s nothing wrong with gathering a following, hosting parties at different clubs in your city, getting a spot in a Fab video, but it should be more of a vehicle to your destination, rather than the destination itself. Build a brand, not just a hollow following, who are just there to watch you sell your soul for some attention. Don’t just end up a bum whose nice to look at.

IG 3

The ironic thing is I hear women speaking less of other women who become strippers, calling them out of their name in all types of forms and fashion, and criticizing them for “setting low bar for women all over”. I say “if you got it, then make money off it” because times ticking, especially if it’s a physical asset. Though some women age like they’re stuck in time, the window of opportunity closes quick for those who find success on the basis of appearance. That’s not to necessarily say they become unattractive, but they get old, not always in age just old to look at as well (I.e. Vida Guerra). When all you have to offer is a fat ass and a nice face, There’s plenty of 18 year females uptown on Dyckman who are going to steal your spotlight by this time next year. That’s just the nature of the vain game, everyone wants the fresh face, so you have to keep yourself relevant in other ways. I say that to say, strippers and instafamous broads advertise the same assets, one of them is just making money off it, while the other one is just getting a couple of parched individuals to follow them. So, whose really the dumb bird?.

ig 5

Now, I’m not saying if you’re a popular-attractive-person on IG, go be a stripper, but go find a hustle and don’t get too caught up in the moment. Don’t become too content with anything you can’t put on a resume and don’t let the likes and followers give you a false sense of accomplishment. You can become a brand ambassador for a product or you can model for up-and-coming streetwear/clothing lines and charge them to use your space and popularity. There’s a million ways to use the outlet you have, the only wrong way, is thinking the attention is good enough…

Side bar:Death to silicone, bring the natural women back.

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“Lookin’ Ass Nigga” & The other side of thirst.


As the world already knows, Nicki Minaj just dropped her song & video “Lookin ass niggas”. The song is exactly what it sounds like, a song about guys who are looking hurt in the game, and looking at Nicki. At First it reminded me of that song that came out in ’08 called “looking boy”, by HotStylz and Yung Joc, which was just mocking other dudes and paying way more attention to another man than necessary. But what we have here is way bigger, and is about to take over every social network. There’s at least 5 bars in Nicki’s first verse, alone, that I could see under a cornball bird’s selfie on Instagram. “Look at y’all lookin ass niggas/ stop lookin at my ass, ass niggas”. Can’t you just see some girl in those tribal print, cheap leggings poking her ass out unnecessarily on IG, with that as a caption?. I digress. “I ain’t gotta check for y’all, but if I’m gonna check for y’all, Ima need a check from y’all niggas”. I’m already picturing one of those females who swears she’s a “boss bitch” holding up four twenty dollar bills, with that as her caption. You know the type. “Look at this pic, look at what the fuck I gave to you niggas”. Do I need to say anything more?. Didn’t think so. There’s a bigger picture here, in what this song does in the evolution of thirst.


Nicki has served as the Quotable Queen for wannabe “Bad Bitches”, in every rat hole of every city. Her songs usually have certain females feeling themselves extra hard, on the train, on the bus, in their mirror, and has them thinking about all the “imaginary thirstbuckets”, they are watched by  wish they had. But “Lookin’ ass nigga”, is the anthem for women all over who are thirsty for thirst. The ones who really want to feel like there are guys out here sweating them. This type of young lady, will just listen to this song, and automatically feel like guys owe them money for her presence and have her stepping like a Goddess, imagining every guy she walks passed is a “lookin at my ass, ass nigga”.  Thirst among females and males, has really only been used in one fashion. It’s usually referring to the parched individuals who pay so much attention to people they’re attracted to, that it’s not complimentary, not sweet, not cute, it’s just creepy at that point. Female’s will rant and rave about how much they hate it. meanwhile, deep down their confidence would probably be through the floor without it. But there is this less commonly shared type of thirst, from a rare breed out there, that will expose themselves after this song. I can’t wait.

gmorning2(Need Attention or nah?)

Look we all have our insecurities, and it’s nothing to poke fun at. My only argument is stop acting like you hate the thirst. Thirst provides motivation for a lot of females, even if its only in their mind. But there’s always the girls, posting raunchy, provocative pictures on social networks, talking about “uh, I wish these niggas would stop sweating me”. Stop it, you love it. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t invite it. There are girls out there, who pay it no mind anymore, accepting it as a part of life, those are the ones who really experience thirst. If you have to post a quote from “Lookin ass nigga” or complain about thirst, you’re not really about that, and your insecurities are screaming at us.  Side Bar: I’m not gearing this towards all Nicki fans, just the a specific type of Nicki fan. SideBar #2: The beat to “Lookin Ass Nigga” is tough. I confess.

Nicki-Minaj-Lookin-Ass-Nigga-Downloa-MP3(The infamous Malcolm X photo, as the “Lookin Ass Nigga” cover art?, that may be a little insulting to some)…

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